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Hello! This blog is ran by Sonia and Joy :) We put up Imagines from: The Rangers, Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons, Justin Bieber & more!

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mz-swagg3r-liciouz-bytchez-143 whispered: So I know y'all are pretty busy with everything and no rush at all , but I was wondering would you mind making a long Rated-R imagine with Princeton and also I know y'all hadnt been uploading and your just getting back but I was wondering would you be doing other teen celebs imagine soon like Jacob latimore , Austin Mahone and sorry for the long ask

About the long imagine, I’ll get to that. It’ll be on my list! Austin Mahone? Jacob Latimore? I love them both! :) Got some comingg.

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ohsnapitskayceemister-deactivat whispered: Can you please do a Jaden Smith imagine?

Yess, I’ll get it done :)

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people-change-memories-dont-68 whispered: Could you do a justin bieber one?

Yesss, I gotchu :)

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I’ve been working on the imagines all day yesterday. Gonna start uploading all of them in a bit :)

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Whooaa. Wow. We’ve been gone for a bit. We have a BUNCH of other blogs we run. i’m sorry we haven’t been here! Plus we had some events coming up that we had to practice for, and a bunch of rehearsals. Summer work to have ready for when we start school, I(sonia) moved to a new place, Joy is in the process of moving, so things have been crazy. We only see each other like 3 times a week. We don’t have time to speak on the phone to discuss the blog and such. We also have accounts on a whole bunch of other things, so I’m Sorry! But I’m here(Sonia) and I want to tell you that this whole day is gonna be imagines! & I think we’re gonna start doing on shots for people! So in our ask box, you can ask for an imagine, a long imagine, a Rated R long Imagine and One shots(for yourself),

So Yeah!


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